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(dad) Its do ridiculously obviously and he's so blind to his own behaviors and in such denial. He doesn't realize even the enablers have pointed it out.

Being a stepmom is a tough job.

Here are some tips on how stressed out stepmoms can stand up for themselves, assert their boundaries, strengthen their marriages, and develop a stable relationship with their stepkids. Must Read

Egomaniacs and narcissists. Pride will be the death of them. :(

If only.Maybe someday a cure will be found for NPD and hundreds of thousands of lives will be saved, enriched, overjoyed because of it.

my life story. you have NO IDEA how this relates to me, even to this day. how sad is that. i no longer have an extended family of origin all because my mother is sick in the head. generation after generation. sticks and stones. pants on fire. walk away. end the pain. i will not repeat history with my children!

You may have lived your entire life wondering why you have so much trouble with your parents, siblings, aunts, cousins, and other relatives.

Quote 185- Scapegoat Survival Strategy

Distance from negative family interactions by going minimal or no contact.

The way I see it. Unfortunately my kids life is full of disappointments from people on their dads side. I don't have to allow that on my side!

You may think that golden child has the cherished role, but in the long run the scapegoat is the one most likely to escape, heal and lead a healthier life ☼