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Penguin Unknown

Penguin Unknown
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The Last Goodbye

*cries softly in a corner* << *cries loudly in a corner* << *starts sobbing and wailing* <-- *tears quietly rolling down the cheeks*<<<<*blames Billy Boyd for making us all cry*

Why the elves turned away 3

This is the real reason Thranduil didn't want to help the Dwarves of Erebor. <- Oh my precious what on earth?

Beware of Attack Owl!

I have a sign on my front steps to warn people of the attack cat I have on duty. It is partly a joke, but my kitty has a nasty habit of trying to bite. However, I have a feeling that "Beware of Attack Owl" is very serious.

Still has that Kili smile I love so much! Already miss the Hobbit, but I cannot wait to see what else lies in Aidan's future.