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Umji // GFriend Pop, Fandom, K Pop, Eunha Gfriend, Sinb Gfriend, Kpop Girls, Umji Gfriend, Kpop, Korean Singer
Umji // GFriend
a woman standing in tall grass with her hand up
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a woman looking at her cell phone while standing next to a window with flowers in the background
Rapper, Red Velvet, Incheon
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girls'generation performing on stage in front of a blue and purple background with stars
an advertisement for the top 30 album, featuring five women's heads with long hair
[FANART] #GFRIEND for MAMA 2016 fanart entry by Rina Capati from PH, owner of Buddies_Art Give her some thumbs up for her work buddies! #여자친구 #yeojachingu #buddy #버디 #buddies #sowon #수윈 #yerin #여린 #eunha #은하 #yuju #유주 #sinb #신비 #umji #엄지
a girl with long hair is posing for the camera
two young women standing next to each other in front of a microphone with their hands together
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Umji - the 5th mini album "PARALLEL" Shorts, Gfriend Sowon, Korean Girl, South Korean Girls
Umji - the 5th mini album "PARALLEL"
Umji Outfits, Casual, Kpop Outfits, Ulzzang