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I would run.<------I would be too scared to run, I would just slowly carefully back away. while being as casual about it as possible. make it seem like I was walking down the wrong hallway and had just realised and so I had to retrace my steps or something, like "oh how silly of me"

I would laugh xD Creepypasta

Pretty sure that's Beyond Birthday at the bottom (due to the jam) and obviously Matt with him. #Deathnote

Death Note - Late-Night Creepypasta by Charlockle

Thanks for my 1000 watchers part 2 by Chibi-Works.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Wonna join my church?

Masky you scared me....Jack scares me...ugh Toby....@ticci_toby_tick @MaskedProxy

Masky you scared me.Jack scares me. << poor Hoodie is so scared xD but I think Jack was traumatized for life.

XD im sorry im so sorry ^^^ This would actually be true...except I wouldn't have the gun i'd have a block of granite

XD im sorry im so sorry ^^^ This would actually be true.except I wouldn't have the gun XD

Poor slendy xD ^^^ DON'T WORRY SLENDER!!! YOU HAVE AMAZING EYES!!! (And None.)

Ben Drowned, Jeff the Killer, Jason the Toy Maker, and Slen. The slender gets all sad.

Jason, Candy Pop and The Puppeteer

Candy pop, Jason the toymaker, and the puppeteer.

I had to repost this cause I'm part of this fandom butt I just find it funny I search my favorite ship ever(Laughing Jack X Sally) and I get this

CreepyPasta Friend re-tag. Jeff The Killer, Jane The Killer, Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack, and Sally.

Bullet by Hollywood Undead. Long time! Nice oldie! Way to remember it

Bullet by Hollywood Undead, kinda quotes

These two are so adorable :) Can't believe Scarlett is 4 now

Wish my dad was part of an awesome band