I had the same exactly Digital Watch. In pink colour too

Vintage Digital Watch Pink Leather Gold I had this exact watch

PRL  i pelne towarow sklepy."The state looks after the people" An empty food shop during Communist times in Poland.

communism do not come back! a shop in Poland in the end of communism era; The sign says: "the government cares about the people"- classic communist propaganda with empty shelves and no way to feed your family.

PRL poster

"Quick and with kindness we serve to working class." motivational poster for grocery stores.

nie klej, tylko guma    ℒℴvℯ

Arabic gum, old fashioned glue. Have no ideea wyh was called " arabic".

Chinese pencil case. It was padded and soft at the touch and was closing with magnet. Mine had the same design and colors.

Wspomnienia z dzieciństwa i wczesnej młodości trzydziestokilkulatki.

manka wstanka

Born in the PRL - wspomnienia z czasów PRL