Agnieszka Olesińska

Agnieszka Olesińska

Agnieszka Olesińska
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I& just your average grandma who believes in Bigfoot and ghosts and is fascinated by serial killers.

If you've overdosed on chocolate, have a crack at this lemon meringue roulade instead. Fresh tasting and impressive-looking, it makes a wonderful sunny centrepiece.

Lemon Meringue Roulade by sainsburysmagazine: Once filled and rolled, the roulade can be chilled for a few hours before serving. It also freezes well. Total time 50 mins, plus cooling.

Chimichurri Sauce - Easy to make in the food processor or blender, and it's full of easy, fresh, and delicious ingredients, and it's perfect for topping seafood, steak, veggies, or whatever sounds good.

This homemade Chimichurri Sauce recipe is super easy to make in the food processor or blender and it's full of easy fresh and delicious ingredients and it's perfect for topping seafood steak veggies or whatever sounds good.