Sport Plates by Boguslaw Sliwinski

Enjoy the Time Spent While Eating with Extreme Sports Dishware Design

Marta Niemywska: SSSTOLIK

rafa kids: Design for children at Lodz Design Festival - program

Slumber; proj. Aleksandra Gaca for Casalis

Pouf 'Slumber' by Casalis. [Can I make this for my boho living room with boho yarn?] I WANT THESE! they look like cats omg

Plopp by Oskar Zieta

Order the FiDU technology made Zieta Plopp Stool by Oskar Zieta for the similarly-named manufacturer here, in the home design shop.

Lullaby by Puff-Buff

Inflatable Chandeliers - Inflatable designs are both fun and practical. ‘Lullaby’ is a blow-up chandelier designed by Anna Siedlecka a.

proj. Tomasz Augustyniak,  Plum table, prod. Noti

The tine of tables sold individually or as a supplement of the upholstered furniture contentions. it is characterized by asymmetric shapes of table tops. Their intensive colors highlight the imaginative form of the tables. The tables are available in seve

Clinic of Design: table Oval

Clinic of Design: table Oval

stone pillows by fivetimesone

Fivetimesone - felted wool stone pillows and poufs. Not repeatable pebbles.

Arana by Iwona Kosicka

Arana by Iwona Kosicka