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two green and brown plates sitting on top of each other
STUDIO SENSUAL - zielono mi
ZIELONO MI STUDIO SENSUAL . CERAMIKA dwa ceramiczne talerzyki, dopasowane kształtem i wzorem do siebie wzajemnie tworząc koło, wykonane z ciemno-brązowej gliny, pokryte soczystym, zielonym szkliwem.
several white vases with animals on them sitting next to each other in front of one another
Marsz do pieca!
three ceramic rabbits standing next to each other
a ceramic rabbit sitting next to a potted plant
Carved Vine Bowl
A quick video showing a wheel thrown bowl being carved with a vine design
three mushroom shaped lights hanging from strings
Black Cyclops Mini Monster Incense Burner
a clay sculpture of a troll and a man standing behind it on top of a table