Aga Agnes Lande
Aga Agnes Lande
Aga Agnes Lande

Aga Agnes Lande

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Norway: "Moody weather brings out the dramatic textures of the cliffs surrounding Naeroyfjord. The Norwegian fjord is a World Heritage site and was rated by the National Geographic Society as the world's number one natural heritage site." /photograph by © John and Tina Reid

Folkedans in Norway -- West Coastal Area /

Pretty Norwegian dance music ♡

My Norwegian ancestors came from Krødsherad, Buskerud. This is the "Krylling-Bunad" which comes from that region, and I really want one. This one was made by Bunadstua, in Norway. I currently wear a belted Hallingdal bunad, which I love, but I would also really like to have one that is accurate to my heritage.

National dress(bunad) from Norway. This one is called "beltestakk" :-)

The bunad from Hardanger is a living tradition and has evolved from a folk costume. The different regions are indicated in the detailing on the costumes. This bunad has a green silk bodies and a black woolen skirt. The white apron has inlaid embroidery, which is known as Hardanger embroidery. - Hardanger Folkemuseum, (from 1911-) in Norway

Nordlandsbunad. Bunad National costume from North Norway. Available in green or blue. Beautiful!!

Store Torungen fyr island outside Arendal Aust-Agder Sørlandet Kongeriket Norge (Norge) 58.398889, 8.788056

Midsommardagen is Sweden's traditional midsummer festival, observed throughout the country and in full bloom during the month of June. On Midsummer's Eve, which is always on a Friday, young girls place nine different flowers under their pillows to dream of their future husbands, while on Midsummer's Day, flower wreaths are worn while men, women and children dance around the maypole.