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20 tarjetas, 2 / 4 colores , repite cada 48 movimientos // sed_283a diseñado en GTT༺❁

"the treading is ABCD from top to botom and forward is towards you backwards is away from you starting with AD op the top Took me a while to figure it out ;

Geijer, Agnes. Die Textilfunde aus den Gräbern, Vol. III of Birka: Untersuchungen und Studien. Uppsala: Kungl. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akadamien (1938). Pp. 83, fig. 20. Kobolds Kerkerbastelei

brocaded bands from Birka (Geijer, Birka III, p. NOTE: I think of both India, Christianity, and nazis when I look at these patterns.