Does Leonardo DiCaprio have a long lost twin? Meet Konrad Annerud, a Swedish model, musician, and bartender who bears an uncanny resemblance to a era Leo.

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The sneezing monkey, or Rhinopithecus strykeri, is among the Top 10 new species discovered in (Thomas Geissmann/Fauna & Flora International/Arizona State University)

Держись, Франция! #франция

Держись, Франция! #франция

Все претенденты на звание «Лучший гол 2015 года»

Все претенденты на звание «Лучший гол 2015 года»

Portraits of female addicts, Vancouver British Columbia Canada,

Project 52 Alumni Sandra Harris has interviewed Alumni Irene Liebler for Raincoast Creative. Pop on over for a great read and some new work by Irene.

These 15 solutions might not cure you completely, but in the throes of a major headache, any modicum of relief is a godsend.

Halloween 2016 isn’t too far away, and everyone is already picking out Halloween costumes for their kids – but what about your cats? Pet costumes, especially

We& shared a number of projects over the years in which photographers create working cameras using wood, but we haven& seen a wooden lens yet.

Nacho Hernandez’s rugby photos show fans close to the action, which he documents up close and on the run.

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Norway's Best Architecture Firm Snøhetta Designs the World's Best Money - CityLab