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Love doing woodwork stuff always aiming high, pushing my self to my limit.
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Making MDF bendable by many small cuts 2/3 through the material. Love my Festool Kapex as it just makes the job so much easier. / #festool #kapex #woodworking

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I'm dreaming of a classic decorative door piece for our Frederiksberg apartment. Finding the balance in the design using most of my skills in the my woodshop and all Festool tools. Kapex, domino, router table and eccentric sander. And learning to spray paint :-) #woodshop #festool #customdesign

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All custom made mini drawer only 270mm deep, with softclose mechanism and flat hinges in the mini door cover. #festool #domino #customdesign #woodwork

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TimeLapsed view of sanding an old garden table, with my loved festool ROTEX RO 125 sander.

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Extreme narrow under the cabinet drawer. 10cm wide and 50cm deep. Enough space for 20 matchboxes :-) #woodshop #custom

Working on a simple IKEA TRONES narrow cabinet base, that holds 4 cabinets. The goal is to do a in expensive and fast solution as it's a temporary solution. #ikea #narrow #customdesign #woodshop

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