The 100, may we meet again

Well in season 2 when Clarke leaves she says 'may we meet again' to Bellamy so.

she might "need" Bellamy, but she wanted Lexa.I will forever ship Clexa even after what happened to Lexa.<<<< ya but she belongs with Bellamy so I am voting Bellarke lives on forever

The 100 crack

The 100 // Clarke, Lexa, Raven, Octavia // Cinnamon Rolls vs Killers

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The 100 crack Raven Reyes, Gustus, Commander Lexa Lindsey Morgan, Aleks Paunovic, Alycia Debnam-Carey

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clexa pick up lines

Marauders-although hypothetically, McGonagall knows everything the Marauders did, and so would know that it was Sirius Black

Everything Bellarke (

I don't ship lexa by this is still cute.but not as cute as bellarke

i've entered a the 100 edit making spree

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Raven Reyes, Jasper Jordan, Monty Green, Nathan Miller and Bellamy Blake

And thus, Bellarke is born