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#color #多肉植物 #succulent (Via:ayapl5112 instagrum) ほぉ...これはきれいだ。 お菓子っぽいですね。 観葉植物のお供にヤシマットはどうでしょ?

Hermosa succulents perfect for Cali. Drought tolerant and easy to grow for all the greenthumbs

Design Addict Mom: Jenna Lyon's Amazing Soho Loft

Design Addict Mom: Jenna Lyon's Amazing Soho Loft

Bird Feet TutorialI made these feet for my kenku costume. Here are instructions on how to make your own! [[MORE]] 1. Get ya shoes. I chose these dance shoes because they conform to my foot and the sole is barely visible, plus they are comfortable,...

Bird Costume Tutorial MasterpostHere are a collection of tutorials explaining how I made my Kenku Costume. If you have more questions please check my Kenku Costume FAQ!

Maroon M. viridis neonate (newborn Green Tree Python, Morelia viridis) Green Tree Pythons or "Chondros" (derived from the former genus name Chondropython) are arboreal in nature and contrary to what their name suggests, often exhibit a variety of colours other than just green.

Corallus caninus, commonly called the emerald tree boa. Juveniles vary in color between various shades of light and dark orange or brick-red before ontogenetic coloration sets in and they turn green (after months of age).