There is nothing better than swimming in the rain! Miss swimming in the lake during a soft summer rain shower

kristenmerieandacupoftea: “ kristenmerieandacupoftea: “ Yesterday (at Woodstock, Vermont) ” Whoa thanks for all the love on this photo!

Sequoia Road | Grant Grove of giant sequoias in Kings Canyon National Park, California, USA | by Larry Gerbrandt

Sequoia Road, Grant Grove Of Giant Sequoias, Kings Canyon National Park, California, USA: Larry Gerbrandt.


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These Adirondack chair plans will help you build an outdoor furniture set that becomes the centerpiece of your backyard. It's a good thing that so many plastic patio chairs are designed to stack, and the aluminum ones fold up flat.

Autumn in the Dandenongs  by Margot Kiesskalt..

Forest House, Dandenong Mountains, Australia " fall colors are so beautiful. My absolute favorite season"!