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Personal Rapid Transport Applications

Advanced Transit Systems are land-based transit systems with fully automated operations capabilities providing an improvement (of the network) of existing public transit means. The various concepts (PRT, GRT and dual mode systems) are embraced by ATRA in its vision to ensure people’s mobility while ensuring a sustainable (green) future.
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Morgantown PRT - Boeing Aerospace Co. #advancedtransit


The ParkShuttle connects business park Rivium and the residential area Fascinatio (both located in the city of Capelle aan den IJssel) as well as business park Brainpark III (located in the city of Rotterdam) with the metro and bus station Kralingse Zoom (located in the city of Rotterdam). #advancedtransit


Suncheon City: The PRT System, consisting of 40 vehicles, facilitates the transportation of visitors between Suncheon City Garden Expo site and the world famous Suncheon Coastal Wetlands Park along an 4.6km long, bi-directional guideway. #advancedtransit

Business Park Rivium GRT - 2getthere, Utrecht, the Netherlands #advancedtransit

Suncheon Wetlands PRT - Vectus Ltd. #advancedtransit

SkyCube - Suncheon Wetlands PRT - Vectus Ltd.


Heathrow PRT pods - ULTra PRT, Bristol, England #advancedtransit

Amritsar: Home to the holiest shrine of Sikhs, the Golden Temple, and rich in historical, religious and heritage sites. A big draw for large numbers of visitors, especially during festivals and religious events, as pilgrims flock to the area. Up to 500,000 people visit the Golden Temple on important religious festival days. The PRT system will ease congestion and reduce the current long travel transit times. #advancedtransit

"Sky Cube, the country’s first fully unmanned Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), officially opened on April 20, 2014, giving passengers better views of Suncheon Bay Garden and the area’s great natural surroundings." -

Heathrow Pod: 21 PRT vehicles facilitate the journey between the stations at the business car park and Terminal 5. The system’s infrastructure is smoothly interwoven in between the access roads to the terminal. It greatly improves the link and offers a superior service to travelers. #advancedtransit