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Adrian Wysocki

Adrian Wysocki
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jasonmt83: exotication: Raven by dandonfuga cant WAIT to see damien/raven dynamic in the new dcau and comic

belly belt bob hair breasts cloak dandon fuga dc dc comics demon ecchi erect nipples female female only female onyl gauntlets grey skin large breasts legs navel nipples purple eyes purple hair pussy rachel roth raven raven (dc) short hair solo teen titans

A Historical Guide to Poker Strategies   #infographic #Poker #Game

This infographic put together by Full Tilt Poker is the guide for poker players who need lessons from the great tacticians. It is a historical guide to poker strategies.


alternate costume breasts brown eyes brown hair cleavage flower holding holding umbrella ieung-isegae large breasts league of legends leona (league of legends) long hair looking at viewer nail polish one-piece swimsuit pink nails pool party leona sit

Their eyes match their names...I never noticed that (That unforgettable battle by kawacy on deviantART)

artist name backwards hat baseball cap black hair character name expressionless goggles on hat gold (pokemon) hat kawacy multiple boys one eye covered pokemon pokemon (game) pokemon gsc pokemon special red (pokemon) red (pokemon) (classic) smirk