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Land Otters and Cubs and Bears, oh my!

Now, I am really in heaven or should I say I am burning in hell ? Oh Lord, please have mercy - what a hunky hot and sexy man ! He is stunning !

Naked cuddles are the best

A study out of the UK this week found that 93 percent of straight, male college athletes surveyed had enjoyed a good cuddle with their straight bros more than one time, and a whopping 98 percent admitted to sharing a bed with another man during co.

You want to help me here? damn, if i wouldn't....WOOF!............kinda wants tae makes ya howl?

For your enjoyment, a sizzling collection of amazing masculinity and Woof! Send love to the SJMonkey.

Bodybuilder Mike Hoffman Responds To X-Rated Video Leak: 'I'm Not Gay' [NSFW] - The Gaily Grind

WARNING: This post contains NSFW content intended for mature audiences. Just a day after an amateur bodybuilder leaked a wickedly hot x-rated video, a seco