Adrianna Grzesiak

Adrianna Grzesiak

Adrianna Grzesiak
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I FOUND THE GIF XD<<OMG XD << yes! thank you for this!

Hetalia the Beautiful World gifs ---> Prussia and his mad broom skills Ladies can't handle B)«««««PREACH <<<Kesesesesese!<<< Prussia has his broom and doitsu has his stick

Perfect GIF is perfect.

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That was adorable

Hetalia - Chibitalia and Holy Rome / Romano and Spain (awwww look at HRE's major nosebleed.) Romano is so cute trying to get bit again so Spain will kiss his finger!

2P anything makes me the happiest girl in the world!

This is such a lame comic. This is an art trade with She asked for some funny Hetalia stuff, so I did it. PICK UP LINES ARE LAME


((Oh my goodness- Al- How do you manage to tolerate the embarrassment from wearing those "patched jeans".)) << (( Cause he is grateful to Artie's help in everything so he will suck it up for him ))

Black butler vs hetalia. It's scary how similar they are.

Black butler vs hetalia Right now im halfway through both animes and trying to decide which one to watch now. I knida feel like watching Hetalia, but i also wanna look at Sebastian. T T-TT >Oh my gawd what? Crossovers are amazing when one right.