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Sin molestarse Jung y su "Puer Aeternus" o Pascoli con su "Little Boy", podemos sin duda de acuerdo en que, en algún lugar dentro de cada uno de nosotros, hay un núcleo joven, instintivo y creativo, pero también inocente e ingenuo. ¿Qué pasaría si esta esencia íntima se reveló por completo?

Art Inspiration: Surreal Illustration by Tang Yau Hoo. This one really caught my eye. The use of negative space makes you think is this a city skyline.or just a bunch of hanging light bulbs?

japanese pen and ink contemporary illustration art Sometimes the simplest tiniest drawings give so much pleasure and with this thought I share this by Kinchoi Lam

NYC summed up.

New York Poster This design caught my eye because i love the simplicity of the design yet it is also very pleasing to the eye. The maze like affect is cool because it looks like city blocks.

simple design and yet caught my eye because of how the text was positioned and invited me to look deeper at the poster than just 2 seconds. But yet was able to communicate the information clearly and effectively.

"I feel like this text should be around the other way (the I Am Here faded out and the Where Are You bold) for it to have more meaning. justmyopinion" wrote someone. Can you see Both Phrases.