Adriana Haduch

Adriana Haduch

Adriana Haduch
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Modern Eco Friendly Homes Set Amongst the Trees.

Primeval Symbiosis (Single Pole House) is an architectural design project by architecture student and interior designer Konrad Wójcik that seeks to organically install living spaces in forests without disrupting the innate beauty of nature.

Slideshow and video tour of this tiny home with 2 sleeping lofts, full bathroom, full kitchen, fold-up back deck

House Tour: Inside This 150 Square Foot House By Molecule Tiny Homes - This house is only wide by long by high. Inside, it has two sleeping lofts, a full kitchen including a three-burner range and oven and a full bathroom with shower and tub.


OK all the open drawers actually hide the nifty thing about this double loft house. Look on the left and you will see "stairs" starting on the same step going to each loft. Tiny Home – 200 sq ft mobile cottage