Leondre Devries (I barely ever get any Bars and Melody pins in my feed anymore and I'm kind of sad about that.


It's the smile that Leondre has that just makes everything better.

Awkwardly timed photo

How can you tell me Chardre isn't a thing when photos like this exist - BAM Charlie x Leo

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Charlie's birthday tomorrow can you believe he's turning 18 what happened to "Stay young" come back little eleven year old Charlie

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Imagen de black, bars and melody, and charlie

Imagen de black, bars and melody, and charlie

Punk Lendre 🖤~ Leondre Devries ~ Bars And Melody ~

Leondre and Charlie <3 I wish they would come to New Zealand although I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here who listens to them...:'( I've watched them since BGT <3 and New Zealand is awesome and I wish he would come here! Like if you want them to visit youuu! xx

Leo with a flower,that I want to receive from him😘😍