Butterfly - concept art

'Butterfly' is my long-term personal project that started as a sf/cyberpunk point-and-click adventure game back in 2009. Since I don't have any more time for its development, I decided to tell the story in a series of concepts, maybe finalized with a downloadable mini-artbook.
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At some point in the story, the main protagonists are busted in their safe house. However, they can handle themselves, mostly due to an efficient machine gun and a couple of elector-magnetic motion-sensor explosives planted around the apartment (in case the opponents have cybernetic enhancements or are pure androids).

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Another mechanical asset - a flying drone, set to control and gather data from certain levels, where the regular police is either too busy or too afraid to visit. Basically, it's a portable camcorder/scanner although it has some basic weaponry in case it needs to 'restore order' or fight its way through a riot.

Travel between levels and zones of the city is restricted and security check is required. Since every criminal offense is registered in a police database, checkpoints are pretty efficient way to keep offenders confined to their respective zones. If you try some funny stuff, the sentry-bot will take care of you, so to speak.

General overview of futuristic Shanghai, where the story takes place. The idea is to mix the old, stone architecture and traditional elements, like gates or monuments, with vast scale and futuristic additions.

The main antagonist surrounded, seemingly in a lot of trouble. What the thugs do not know is that their opponent is an android of GEN III with custom battle mode. They are up for one helluva ride.

A closer look at the suit and its various parts. As you can see, it's pretty heavy and need some additional boosters for the driver to walk (or even jump) around. As long as they are full, you're good to go, so if you don't want to turn into a fancy monument, watch your energy levels!

Sometimes you need a team to help you out, especially when a stolen police battle suit ends up in wrong hands. Its driver, sent after the protagonists, is distracted and engaged by the troopers (image itself in POV of one of them). Hopefully, they get some hazard pay.

ZEN troopers are searching through Purgatory - the lowest part of megalopolis, partially beneath the city streets, in order to recover the stolen module. Of course, they fail and the main hero has to be called into service.

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