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Pretty much...>>>>HAHAHAH lol @chloewuzhere>>>this is my life @craziestmofoeva you just described my life

Pretty much.<< If you look at all the other faces but the REAL Niall then they all look creepy


One direction Imagine. I am laughing so hard. I don't think I should have found this so funny hahahahaha omfg

♡вy: Andrea. {aт2428}♡

My bros started singing One thing, what makes you beautiful. And a few others :)>>>>> My Mom will hum along in the car (Meanwhile we are screaming cause our boy are on the radio) & I am totally pulling a Nialler face ;

One direction. One direction funnys. Liam payne. Niall horan.

Especially when people say "Harry's ugly". People seriously have 3 seconds to run and never ever show their stupid ugly faces