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a painting of a man wearing a cowboy hat and holding a glass in his hand
Pablo Picasso
The sailor, 1938, Pablo Picasso Size: 58.5x48 cm Medium: oil on canvas
a painting of a woman sitting on the ground
Pablo Picasso periodo (1955-1964)
Pablo Picasso periodo (1955-1964)
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a painting of a woman with long hair sitting on the ground in front of a blue background
Pablo Picasso - Seated Female Nude
a painting of a person sitting on a bed with a blue blanket over their head
Crouching Woman, Pablo Picasso, 1902
a painting of a person sitting in a chair with their head on a suitcase,
Pierrot and Colombina, 1900 - Pablo Picasso -
Pablo Picasso -
three black and white drawings of cows with horns on their backs, standing next to each other
Pablo Picasso - The Bull (State III-VI), 1945 studies depict Picasso's Spanish heritage just a few years after his exile from Spain.
a drawing of a woman holding a knife in her hand and looking at the sky
Pablo Picasso - Weeping Woman, 1937
Pablo Picasso - "Weeping Woman". 1937
an abstract painting with various shapes and colors
Guitar and Violin, c.1912 - Pablo Picasso -
an abstract painting of a man with a guitar
Пабло Пикассо — "Арлекин", 1917 год