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Felix Łukasiewicz (Poland) and the girl- Warsaw. (Capital of Poland-She is not in the original comics.) After WWll Warsaw was comple.

Thief - Arrow by Octorin

Game: Thief Deadly shadows Character seen:Garrett Thief deadly shadows is (c) Eidos Ion Storm inc, Randy Smith and Jordan Thomas.

aph- Kamienie na szaniec by on @deviantART "From left: Alek, Rudy, Poland, Zośka. When Germany attacked Poland in 1939, they were just 18. They were so much different from each other:Alek- handsome and funny, self-confident, Rudy- very smart, ambitious, Zośka- intelligent, great leader….And still they were all brave, loyal, full of sacrifice. Rudy died-after gestapo(22) Alek died after trying to recuse him(23) Zośka died not so long after calling his dead friends"

From left: Alek, Rudy, Feliks(Poland), Zośka. Alek, Rudy and Zośka were three young m… the were just a boys-best friends. aph- Kamienie na szaniec

I don't really like the way they portray Poland in Hetalia but he looks epic here! :) Poland is a country I like a lot just not in Hetalia X3

Now, that's a Polish spirit! Hetalia pictures Poland quite comical, and I enjoy it sometimes, but this is just epic!

The skilled assassin Corvo teams up with the master thief Garrett to take on their world of plague, injustice, and crime. Both games have a lot in commo.

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My crome wallpaper. We thief fan would like to remember Garrett like this instead of the new version of Thief 4 Thief Garrett