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One Direction funny just switch Malik and Horan around and that pretty much explains me!!

C'mon let's go party!>>>> ooowwwoooahahhh>>>>>c'mon lets go party!>>>>>>ooowoooahhoowoahhhh>>>ahhhahhhahhhyeaaaahhhh>>god I love this fandom

"one direction will be doing a greatest hits album" i don’t care unless it’s an album with what makes you beautiful on it 12 times

I scream his name. He can't hear me over the millions who scream it too. I love him. He loves me too. But he loves 7 billion other girls the exact same way. To him, I'm just another fan in the crowd Harry I love you for you !

Greyson Chance at Sundance ASCAP, January 24th, 2014

Greyson Chance at Sundance ASCAP, January what happened to him?