Anja #otaku

Anja #otaku

Anja #otaku
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Tessa Gray and Will Herondale

When tessa gray is forced to move to london and attend boarding school she meets schools most popular jock will herondale. For all you wessa supporters out there!P Wessa for life! :D Sorry Jem.

Mortal Instruments Christmas Fan Art | Mortal Instruments .org

aegisdea: “aegisdea: “ Will, Jem, Tessa & Church, because we love them and Church is a gwumpy cat on a Chwismas day (I think I’m going to have a flu D:) ” IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!

Anyone else do this when they read this part?? I do all the time!

It said this later in the book if you paid attention :) It was so cute♡ I loved it. Why can't this happen to me:( Only fictional characters melt your heart;) Am I right♡// Tessa Gray // Jem Carstairs // The Infernal Devices