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a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
CJ Hurley Century Arts
C J Hurley dining room
a green and pink wallpaper with large leaves on the bottom half of each leaf
Design illustration by Rene Beauclair, produced in 1900.
an art print with flowers on it in a wooden frame, hanging on a wall
Arts and Crafts Period Interior Design and Home Decorating: Names to Know
Arts and Crafts Period Interior Design and Home Decorating: Names to Know
an event poster for the jazz festival, featuring various musical instruments and music equipment in different colors
Cartel del 17 Jazz Festival 2014 por Javier Martinez Navarro.
a painting of people playing instruments in front of a piano
The Jazz Singer
an abstract painting with various musical instruments and words on it's side, including the word jazz
Jazzgrafía Jazzgrafía is the first illustration of the second part of the “Mesh 77T project’s ramifications” which is base...
an old black and white drawing of people playing instruments
gene deitch | Tumblr
the poster for martin king's weekend in palm springs, featuring two cats playing instruments
the martini kings - Derek
a poster with two men playing guitar and another man sitting at a table in front of him
Illustration, Serigraphs, Paintings, and Tiki Mugs
Derek Art - Illustration, Serigraphs, Paintings, and Tiki Mugs
an acrylic painting of people walking in the rain with a lamp post and street light
All that jazz quartet acrylic painting on canvas. #gold #art
a drawing of a man sitting at a piano and playing the piano with his hat on
Piano player
From "The Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs," Illustrated by Aurelius Battaglia. 1952.
a man with a hat is playing the bass
Get inspired by these mid-century lighting designs that were created as a tribute to jazz music.
an abstract painting with musical instruments and people
Paul Rogers illustration portfolios
Paul Rogers - For an article in The Playboy Jazz Festival program about the non-extinction of big bands.
the jazz cats are playing their instruments together
The Jazz Cats
minyau-mjauu The Jazz Cats by Peter Donnelly, via Behance