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How to Build a Motorized Go-Kart

Build a go-kart using readily available parts and a lawn mower engine. This is a very simple design built with junk yard scavenged parts mostly. Remember web uilt this as kids, the dimensions would alter somewhat for bigger riders.

Chapter 13: Does an exhaust without an engine still make noise?

Catch up with our Bugatti inspired pedal go kart project as we create and install chrome faux exhaust using, of all things, chrome plated brass pipe for a kitchen sink.

Volvo “Sugga” TP-21 - 1953-1958

"beautiful off-road ride" - might be a custom Volvo “Sugga” - The weighing Volvo had been made for the Swedish army, functioning as a radio wagon. Exactly 724 were produced between Based upon the Volvo it was driven by a six cylinder litre engine.

Dodge Power Wagon, I have actually seen this truck!

The Legacy Power Wagon. As the name suggests, it isn't new, but with only a handful crafted per year--by artisan auto mechanics at Legacy Classic Trucks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming--it remains one of the truck world's most coveted and collectible.