Wrocław / Polish student of interior design.
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ryanO_Research: Grasshopper Wall

the thick lines would be shelving system drawn as needed. these shelves control lines ("grain") routed in.

Unique approach of utilizing strings' tension to secure stairs

wire balustrade Beautiful Modern Staircases in interior design architecture Category From MO Architekten, concrete stairs with cord crisscrossing to form the sides of the railing via design milk

This work looks striking through the colour tone. Simple shapes are constructed and is adapted through the colour depth to generate a perspective. Simple line structures are also used to create a form of abstract as well as linking into architecture

Modern Primitives Venice Biennale

"Modern Primitives", installation at the 2010 Venice Biennale of Architecture, the New York based architectural studio Aranda/Lasch has been commissioned by the Pritzker Price Winner and Biennale Curator Kazuyp Sejima.