Aurora Cassida

Aurora Cassida

Aurora Cassida
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Rick Astley - Keep Singing - YouTube

Rick Astley ~ "Keep Singing". This pop legend makes a great comeback with this bluesy, gritty song!


Hypnotic Wind powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe sculpture kinetic : I love how the art is a mixture of the technical but relies on natural elements, e. the wind. Very Okarian and just plain gorgeous.

Anthony Howe "In Cloud Light"

Anthony Howe "In Cloud Light"This beautiful sculpture dances in the wind. I could not stop staring at it and would love a small one in my garden. Relaxing beautiful and made to last WOW!

Anthony Howe "Switchback"

Anthony Howe "Switchback" -Stainless steel x x -Description: Linked stainless shapes rotating around a curved axis -Gearmotor powered, rpms. -Indoor or outdoor installation -Replaceable stainless bearings -Breaks down for shipping minute assembly time