Alicja Brzezińska
Alicja Brzezińska
Alicja Brzezińska

Alicja Brzezińska

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"They said, "Be the person you needed as a kid" this honestly changed me into who I am today."

7 Ways to Be Calmer, More Mature… and More Productive

Maturity begins when drama and dissatisfaction ends. #greatist

These 16 Korean Tattoo Artists Are Pure Magic

Butterflies on back shoulder by Tattooist Flower

@proulxjustice #yourstory #bodyart #tattoo

Effective strategies for reframing negative thinking.

***** I'll make up forever. And kisses are just the start. Perfect kisses.*****31516

Love this. There are very few people I feel this way about. Sometimes you meet someone and you just know you were destined to meet and there's a familiar feeling when you're with them ❤

6 Phrases More Important Than 'I Love You'

I hope this is how it feels.

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