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three statues holding umbrellas in front of a white building with flowers and plants around them
The sculptural group "Waiting" by Imre Varga was installed in Budapest, in the old district of Obuda, Hungary, in 1986. The composition consists of 4 female figures standing with umbrellas in the rain: a French woman in front, a Hungarian woman on the left, and at a distance an English woman and a German woman...~.~
a woman sitting at a sewing machine in front of a tree with lots of shoes on it
A little bit weird public art called "The Sewing Tree" can be found in Kyiv, st. Ivan Mykolaichuk, 3a, in Ukraine ~.~
a glass statue sitting on top of a wooden table next to a park bench and shrubbery
Public Art in France - Crystal and various objects, 60 X 57 X 110 cm, called "The Geniuses of Casenuove (Lou), 2020, by Pascale Martine Tayou, are located in La Commanderie de Peyrassol Sculpture Park, Flassans-sur-Issole ~.~
two pictures of a yellow statue in front of a building and another photo of a man wearing a yellow suit
"The Pigeon Man" sculpture, one of the Wonders of Lisbon, Portugal ~.~
two pictures of a woman in yellow sitting on a chair with her legs crossed and feet bent
"Seated" is Tschabalala Self‘s first public sculpture, and now she utterly rocks this seafront and I think she should remain in Bexhill on the Sea, UK ~.~
three statues are standing in the grass with trees in the backgrouds and one has his hands up to his head
Public Art in Bagnopark, Steinfurt, (NRW), Germany. "Wir kommen sehr leicht zurecht, tragen wir nur die Last, die dem jeweiligen Tag bestimmt ist. Aber die Last wird zu schwer, bürden wir uns auch noch die von gestern wieder auf und zusätzlich auch die des folgendes Tages, bevor dies überhaupt von uns verlangt wird." - John Lennon ~.~
there are pictures of different statues in the same city square, including a statue of a man
Amazing work by the Italian sculptor Emanuele Gianelli, called "Mr. Arbitrium" was installed near the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Moscow, Russia. For several months, the sculpture will support the theatre. After that, he will again travel the world...~.~
two pictures of statues in the grass and one has a skateboarder on it
Public Art in Germany - Denkmal Skulptur der "Treidler-Figuren am Weser-Radweg bei Hajen", zeigt, wie sich ein Teil der Menschen, die früher an der Weser lebten, mühsam ihren Lebensunterhalt verdienten. Früher musste sich ein Teil der Menschen mühen, ihren oft kärglichen Lebensunterhalt zu verdienen...~.~
there are two statues on the sidewalk near each other
The public art "Reflektor", by artist Kirsten Ortwed, stands in the middle of Blegdamsvej, Sweden for a pure attraction...~.~
a man standing on top of blocks in front of a tall building holding a large object
Public Art in Deer Park, Ontario, Canada - While polarizing, I think the "Toronto Man", by Stephan Balkenhol, is a hilariously apt piece of public art for this accidental metropolis...~.~
two pictures of the same person on top of a building and one with a cat
Enjoy the "FLUXUS", in the village of Bubiai, Lithuania ~.~
a statue in the middle of a courtyard
Public Art "The Gretna Green Lovers", at Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop, in the UK ~.~
a statue of a man standing next to a car
Public Art in Germany - "Der Eisenmann", von Künstler Zbigniew Fraczkiewicz, in Meinz am Rhein (Germany), steht unter einer Fußgängerbrücke und ist wahrscheinlich die unbekannteste Sehenswürdigkeit...~.~
a statue in the middle of a field with many rows of crops behind it and a man carrying a rock on his head
Public Art in the Winelands - Visitors to Tokara (South Africa) are greeted at the parking lot by Angus Taylor's "disclosing decay", which looks like a puzzle against the panorama of Tokara's rows of vines...~.~
two metal sculptures in the shape of people holding hands with chains hanging from them, near trees and blue sky
Public art located in Chianti, Toscana. This sculpture sits just outside the winery door, and this same image graces the labels on each bottle...~.~