Amelia Bigstar

Amelia Bigstar

Nie ma o czym gadać, jestem tylko kupą pikselków, i to w dodatku sterowaną przez kogoś O.O
Amelia Bigstar
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Important Foot Tips

Feet-this pin is good because it shows you how to draw feet. Its also good because it shows you how not to draw feet so you can compare it with your figure drawing to give you an idea of how to improve your drawing to see if it looks good or not.


Ears are certainly one of the most overlooked part of the human features I think. I actually became quite conscience on how I draw& ears many years back when I started CGing. Drawing ears are .

Drawing Tutorial: Hair

Drawing Curly Hair Shading: Darken every tapered edge/corner by way of short, overlapping pencil strokes while taking care to leave a broad, central “band” of light through the apex of each curl