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NASA scientists with their board of calculations, 1961. If you think you're thankful for computers, just think about how NASA feels about them. Before the days of computers, NASA employees had a much more laborious way of calculating and presenting their data.

NASA before Powerpoint, Before the days of Power Point and Prezi, employees at NASA would have to go about conveying their knowledge in a much more laborious way: chalk, board, and likely tears.

n artist visits the world’s premier quantum mechanics labs. (via The Beautiful Blackboards at Quantum Physics Labs - Megan Garber - The Atlantic)

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Here are three areas that introductory physics lab students can work on at the start of the semester.

Chew [Prequel to Zombies in Winter]

Despite his better judgment, Obama is poised to make serious mistakes in Syria--all because he made words like "red line" part of his vocabulary.

We share simple and quick tips on How to become better at public speaking

We share simple and quick tips on How to become better at public speaking

This is the sad reality that many gang members will face. Where there is one gang there will be more gangs which will lead to violence and death. Gang members will kill rival gang members for almost any reason.

Bernardino Guterres, shot by Indonesian police. In August, residents of East Timor voted to end Indonesian occupation of the island. Four days before the election, violence broke out between.

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How to figure out the maximum amount of rent I can afford to pay on my hourly pay

How much you make per hour can be the determining factor in how much apartment you can afford. Check out our handy chart to guide you in budgeting for your rental. How Much Rent Can I Afford on My Hourly Pay? - My First Apartment