Asieńka Asiunia

Asieńka Asiunia

Asieńka Asiunia
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hyper surrealistic rose by on @DeviantArt

just a bleeding rose, im gonna add a rotting green skull morphing off of it when i get a chance i think reference here [link] hyper surrealistic rose

Doppelseite mit Magazin drehen, um auf Kopf gestellte Seite lesen zu können

Yin-Yang: A clockwise rotation composition that contains the elements to imply a taijitsu but not the complimentary difference in shading.

Tattooist Banul rose tattoo

Through fossil evidence, roses have existed since prehistoric times. In Asian gardens, more than years back, the very first cultivated roses appeared. Roses were presented to Europe during the Roman Empire where they were utilized for ornamental.