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How sad. Andy preformed a whole show with 4 broken ribs and 3 cracked ones.  One more song after the end of the show and he would have died.

Andy played with broken ribs, Frank played with an oxygen mask and Phil fell off stage. Bitch please.

Nope I'm not crying...

The person who posted this before me said green day. It isn't green day. It was one boy who is part of green day, Billy Joe Armstrong.


For one Nirvana, Metallica, and Green Day are a few of my favorite bands. And I have always hated Justin Bieber and One Direction. But this makes me love Nirvana, Green Day, and Metallica like times more.

And THIS is why I hate Directioners. Nobody specifically just some of them can be extremely rude and bullies. Just because someone doesn't like your kind of music doesn't mean that you can bully them into liking a different kind. That's who they are. I have friends that are directioners on this website and I respect their decision. They have their music and I have mine.

I swear to god I really hate directioners for this specific reason. Mitch Lucker did not deserve to die. And did I just see that they made fun of Alex?