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an old fashioned red telephone is hanging on the wall with two handset holes in it
Classic Kitchen Phone
a bottle of red nail polish sitting on top of a white surface with the words perfect results and self - destruct
Paint Tube Red by Jeffrey Zalesny in dpreview Galleries
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the rear end of a red sports car on display
the front end of an antique red car
i like this
a martini glass with an apple on the rim in front of a bright red background
~ It's a Colorful Life ~
red hot peppers on a plate with green stems
an assortment of different types of chocolates in a tray on a table with black background
Castle101 🍫
Red Apple/ Texture
HeartShapeStore - Etsy/ Red Apple
Red Apple Texture #apple #red #wallartdecor
a man standing in the middle of a room with red paint on the floor and walls
Painting a concrete floor...anyone done it?
Painting a concrete floor « Singletrack Forum A cool photo! But yes, flooring is expensive, I assume the new build has a concrete floor downstairs. It might be cheaper to put a self levelling skim layer and paint it whilst I save up for the laminate/ wood flooring I really want? Trouble is, what with the geriatric style disability aids, I couldn't have area rugs cos it's hard to push wheels over rugs on any day never mind a bad day. And concrete is hard on the knees. sigh. mmm red....
a red paint roller on a white background
How To: Paint Over Wallpaper
How to Paint Over Wallpaper - Detail Red