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Aleksandra Gawryś

Aleksandra Gawryś
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The Pelican Nebula is slowly being transformed. IC the official designation, is divided from the larger North America Nebula by a molecular cloud filled with dark dust - Image Credit & Copyright: Roberto Colombari

It sounds like science fiction, but award-winning journalist Stephen Pet-ranek considers it fact: within 20 years, humans will live on Mars. We'll need to. In this sweeping, provocative book that mixe

Selected books on the human exploration of Mars and the moon, and asteroid mining to support the colonization of the solar system and manned missions into space.

Love stargazing. I always wanted to paint the starry night sky on my walls / ceilings in my bedroom growing up.

Rosette Nebula (NASA, Spitzer, This infrared image shows the Rosette nebula, a star-forming region more than 5000 ly away in the constellation Monoceros. Lurking inside this nebula are so-called 'danger zones'. These zones surround super hot stat