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a sign that reads, sick of people thinking clothes have gender
a poster with an image of a man kneeling down and the words i believe in minecraft axolot
I'm so excited for the update they're so cute
the words me i open pinterest and me
Shit Happens, Funny Me, Dumb And Dumber
a pile of money with the words i need r n written on it in red
i promise i’ll act right🧎
i need to stop talking to myself but i don't want to
an image of some anime characters with the words i love your style thanks, i literally stole it from them
there is a pillow and two emoticions on the wall next to each other
the words true fear is written in white on a black and pink background with swirls
deleting x10
a cartoon character holding a cell phone with the words people who understand my sarcasm
and when they respond with the same sarcasm 😩
a drawing of a person sitting in a chair with a speech bubble above them that says i'm going to go around and everyone is going to introduce themselves and something
welp its one of 2 things for me
the words stick of being the type of shy that no one likes
i love the smell of rain
an image of a cartoon character saying, did i look like that all day?