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Imagine: "Y/N, be a good girlfriend and come push me!" (c) @5SOS_Imagining

>> lol I'm surprised he didn't break the swing!> and then there is Michael in the back :)>>> Yass. You're never too old to play on a playground!

How to Paint A Cherry Blossom Tree & Moon Step by step painting tutorials by Tracie Kiernan

Step by step painting. Learn how to paint a cat and moon with Tracie's acrylic canvas painting tutorials! All tutorials are free and meant for beginners.

#haikyuu, #kagehina, #yaoi

One of my favorite gifs of all time ❤️ /// haikyuu love boys love kageyama Hinata karasuno

#wattpad #fanfiction Comment Jungkook pouvait-il se retrouver dans ce cauchemar ? Comment avait -il pu accepté d'être l'esclave du mec le plus populaire du lycée ?  Jungkook ne pouvait pas repousser les avances /sexuelles/ de Yoongi et seul lui savait pourquoi. Foutue vidéo...  Comment Jungkook va t-il faire pour surmo...

Yoonkook 💕 but I love Vkook more but they are cute actually I love to ship them all as like " jingahopemonsterminvkook" 😂😂😂

My Taehyung. He's strong, sweet and has a big heart, sometimes he is so 4D, but above everything he is our TAEHYUNG. Who always manage a way to put a smile on our face and laugh until we cry.  Sometimes he kill us with his sexy and manly movements, and   Even when he's sad, he's always showing us a big smile. Teaching us that we can fly over every  mountain to achieve what we want in our lives.

Introduction taehyung or v, this guy can be silly and derpy on the outside but when performing he's serious as fuck and could kill you with his move.