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Hey! I'm TJ, I am 18, fun, kind, and caring. I am energetic and single, most guys hit on me for my looks but I want a guy who doesn't use me for my looks, my sister is Jasey.

Beatz-female- Snappy, loyal, brave, sorta shy, Punky- no crush- (Me)

Hey, my name is Kiara. I'm 15 years old and I really like sleeping, and staying inside. I am really artistic. But at least I have a life. Some people think I'm really good at singing but I totally doubt it. ((Me))

She joins dr.mario and fox mcloud friends

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Lhea is a spunky lynx and a big rebel. She often gets into trouble or makes bad choices. Once you get to know her she is loyal and very protective.(Lhea is 16 btw

Antares Iceslayer by luigiix.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Here's the last and FINAL redesign of my character Phunny Bunny. This redesign simplifies her outfit a lot. It makes for a better silhouette now i hope EDIT --- thinned out her calves a little bit.

POP - by kaitycuddle

This is Katie. She is a single female, SUPER flirt, and she is a goth. She doesn't dress like one because she is afraid people will make fun of her. She is bullied a lot anyway. She has no current crush

Furry Art very pretty again not to many furries other than wolves and leopords

The bobcat furry