Studio Junction Taras pomiędzy dwoma ścianami Osobne studio Przesówana ścianka między łóżkami  Kuchnia oddzielona wyspą

Courtyard House, Studio Junction Inc. Photo by Juliana Sohn. Architects forced to design around real-world limitations & needs, with some real-world success.

Dobudówka z zakrytym tarasem

Built by Anne Menke in Hameln, Germany with date Images by Monika Marasz. Context “Dear friends, we moved and are now located in paradise. Of course we can still be reached here and are loo.

Małe atrium

Image 27 of 30 from gallery of DEV House / GutGut. second floor plan

Otwarte atrium

Renovating and expanding a home gives both architects and homeowners the exciting opportunity to reinvigorate an aging structure with new life, function, and.