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Lakier hybrydowy 6 ml - Felicita 5706-1

Lakier hybrydowy 6 ml - Felicita 5706-1

perfectly worn rug La Maison Boheme

he wore through the carpet eventually. his pacing was ceaseless, up one staircase, through the hall, and down the back steps. i knew soon his combat boots would go the way of the rug. eternity's a hell of a thing.

I wish I could get my hair back to this natural color. Don't ever start dying your hair if it's red!

Ever thought about coloring your hair red?Check out the mix of celebrities who are top redheads and our red hair color ideas for this season.From strawberry red to soft auburn,deep mahogany to rich color,There are many more red shades of hair than ever.


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artist, link ?

Upcycle vintage watches, really love this idea. A picture of mom in her old watch would be perfect! A perfect bracelet for a teenager with a picture of their favorite person or pet.all moms have old watches they haven't thrown away. What a great idea!