Victoria Black

Victoria Black

Poland, Slytherin / Ambition. Wisdom. Tradition. Loyalty. Self-confidence. Mystery. Controversy. Pride. Introvertic. Feminist. Honesty. Talent. Greatness.
Victoria Black
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This dress is lovely, simple, and complately elegant. perfect for dinners out, church or boat parties

Embroidery Back Zipper Mid Waist Knee-Length Dress Women Summer Spring Casual Dress pretty romantic vintage chic in china blue and white perfect alice style cocktail dress , formal day wear for wedding or event or great date outfit

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Eurybia- greek myth: A minor sea goddess. "who has a heart of flint within her",was the consort to the Titan Crius and gave birth to Astraeus, Perses, and Pallas.

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Image Collection Masculine vs Feminine androgyny Especially with the length of his hair this is particularly androgynous.