Bindrunes silver jewellery collection

Jewellery collection inspired by Old Norse alphabet runes.
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Bracelet made from white brass- alpaca and silver "Fifth Bindrune in a series of six: the central part of the bracelet's surface smooths, civilize, alpaca continues in a clawed shape. It is a contrast and penetration of the past and present. Visible riveting underneath seems to undermine the possibility of peaceful coexistence of tradition and modernity" Meaning behind the bracelet: #success #endurance #safejourneys

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Pendant made from sterling silver. "Third bindrune meant to be worn on the solar plexus. Its texture is much smoother and the line determined. Crystal-protective stone of the Vikings reminds an ice -eternal matter from which according to Norse mythology the world was created." Meaning behind the pendant #protection #enlightenment #safety

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Earring for a flesh tunnel made from sterling silver "second bindrune shows another step in the evolution from primordial to modernity. This element is the transition between roughness and smoothness and lightness of texture next bindrune." Meaning behind the earring: #regeneration #healing

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Ring made from sterling silver. "The first from a series of six bindrunes. Its texture is the rough, shows the origins and evolution of runes and human culture and crafts. Inequality and rough surface resembles the bark of ash, the sacred tree of the Vikings." Meaning behind the ring: #femalewisdom #peacefulexistence #creativity

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Bracelet made from white brass with silver rivets. "Sixth bindrune is the final piece in the collection. The old form was replaced by a modern, defined lines and straight edges. White color with matt silver evolved in a smooth shiny surface of alpaca. The arms of the runes are connected with silver rivets, as the achievements of modernity is linked to past values​​." Meanings behind the bracelet: #courage and #protection

Ring made from sterling silver "Fourth bindrune combines contrasting texture: rough-referring to the original nature of runes and polished, referring to the present" Meaning behind the ring: #self-confidence and #respect

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