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This annoying boy threw a paper aeroplane at me so my friends and I wrote a Korean death threat on it. They were like: What do the Chinese words say? Us: IT'S KOREAN!<<<you are my hero

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Jimin looks all smug like " Yeahh ;)" Meanwhile Rapmon being responsible parent shocked like and Jin's just "what's wrong with that. You asked for a presentation. What do expect from a boy with parents as good looking as us?

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'Youth is a never ending maze Youth feels like being alone in the deep blue sea Youth can be overwhelming But also Youth is fighting for what you believe in Youth is friendship Youth is freedom' - BTS

Who else has to go through this??? *cries* They don't understand

Honestly, my parents got it the first time I told them but my dad just plays around saying they're Chinese. My mom supports me being a kpopper that she has gotten so used to me fangirling, my dad is half and half.