Wiktoria Wałczyńska

Wiktoria Wałczyńska

Do your biggest dream is travelling the world? Me too! Remember never lose this beautiful dream. One day we gonna make it! :)
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courtneywirthit: i started #inktober and then started doing other stuff instead. Lovely drawing in a Grids & Guides notebook!

Anna Razumovskaya 'Love Story 2'

I really wish I could drink this and be the ultimate ruler of the universe! <3 coffee!

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. A doodle for a favourite poem, The Old Astronomer.

Katharina beim singen zeichnen als weihnachtsgeschenk

Enkel Dika: Inhabiting Bodies

Famous Surrealist Artists | 35 Creative Surreal Photo Manipulations