Igor Kiełbowski

Igor Kiełbowski

Igor Kiełbowski
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In the source of the river Radmirsha, beneath the frozen surface of the large mountain lake, the body of an Old One is decaying, defiling the water, and polluting the kingdom.

Flare dragon

Hell Dragon designed by *camilkuo - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Dragon, Drawings, Fantasy, Fire, Paintings & Airbrushing by Fribly Editorial

Alguns deles podem emitir pelo corpo, pelas escamas

An amethyst dragon.Very strong, female is shown in picture, at the amount of crystals she has made in her den I would say that she will be giving birth

Golems by Maria Trepalina:

Golems by Maria Trepalina. In Hebrew legend, golems are clay or stone figures brought to life with magic. They are usually protectors but can be used to do evil.